Manage Your Mobile Devices with WSO2 Device Cloud…

Advantages of WSO2 Cloud.

Before we go further in to the discussion, I’d like to quickly give some insight on the advantage of using WSO2 Cloud offerings.

OK. Let’s get started….

If you do not have a WSO2 Cloud account yet, go to this link and create an account. You have to give the email address and follow the instructions in the email. (You basically create your organization, (which is called a tenant) and login to that organization. Also you can manage multiple organizations as well)

WSO2 Cloud Offerings.
WSO2 Device Cloud Home Page with a Device Enrolled.
  1. Groups: Create and Manage device groups.
  2. Users: Manage users. Not like standalone version of IoT Server, user management is done by WSO2 Cloud. Refer this documentation for inviting users to your organization.
  3. Policies: Create and Manage policies.
  4. Roles: Manage user roles.

Let’s enroll a new device.

Click on Add button in Devices Section. You can see the supported device platforms. Also you can see there is a virtual android device that you can try if you do not need to enroll a real device.

  1. To enroll a device to WSO2 Device Cloud, we need to install a device agent, which handles communication, device management operations in device. You can scan the qr code to install the agent through Google Play store. Install and open the agent to start the enrollment process.
  2. In the app, enter the username and password that you used to login to Device Cloud.
  3. Next, you will be prompted to select the organization, which the device should be enrolled to. Select the organization and click.
  4. Then the WSO2 Policy Agreement will be shown. Click on Agree to continue.
  5. Next, the app will ask for some permissions. Click on Allow for all the permissions.
  6. You will be prompted to set a pin code for the app. Enter a pin with minimum length of 4 numbers.
  7. In next step, click on Activate to activate the device administration via wso2 agent app.
Agent view after successful enrollment
Device Listing
Device View
Device Overview Section
Operations section
Device Details section
Policy Compliance section
Device Location section
Operations List section

Triggering an Operation on the Device.

OK. We have successfully enrolled our device with WSO2 Device Cloud. Now, let’s trigger a simple operation on the device and check what’s happening.

Ring operation
Operation Success

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